Rainy Days

The weather is changing here and they’re saying on the weather forecasts that it’s going to get more autumnal. There may well be rather more rainy days than we’ve had lately. On one rainy day I took these droplet photos, and as you may have noticed, I liked one of them enough to make it my new blog header! 🙂


Sweet Bee

I met this bee the other day in the garden, quietly bumbling about in an Evening Primrose flower. It was a cute little thing. It was about to head off to another flower and turned to look at me before it left.

Scary Shieldbug

I’ve grown quite used to spotting shieldbugs all around the place. Usually they’re the same shade of green as the leaf they’re sitting on, as they’re the common Green Shieldbugs. But at the weekend I spotted this scary fellow:

He’s certainly not as camouflaged as the green ones, and seems rather more viscious – sat there eating a caterpillar! He looks like he’s wearing armour and I’ve discovered that he is a “Spiked Shieldbug” – qutite an apt name.

While out walking I also saw another of the altogether less scary green ones …