Summer Sunday Stroll

Yesterday was warm and quite sunny so we headed out for a short walk around the village. Before leaving I noticed that our Buddleia flowers are just starting to come out:


There were quite a few Birds Foot Trefoils growing in the grassy areas

Birds Foot Trefoil

There are also other similar but taller flowers which I’ve identified as Meadow Vetchling:

Meadow Vetchling

This Small Skipper seemed to rather like the Meadow Vetchling and sat obligingly for a while so I could get a good shot 🙂

Small Skipper on Meadow Vetchling

Nearby I spotted two more wildflowers that I don’t think I have blogged before – Self-Heal and Hedge Woundwort. Both pretty pinky-purple flowers.

Hedge Woundwort (Stachys sylvatica)

Heading off down the road I spied my first Bindweed flower. I’ve been seeing the stems twisting round other things, but this is the first flower.


The Dog Roses are still going, though there are less of them now I think. They still look very pretty:

Dog Rose
Dog Rose
Dog Rose

Fruits and nuts are swelling fast now – there were several nice clumps of Hazelnuts, as well as the Hawthorn Haws in the hedgerow. And round by the pond the Apples have got quite fat since the last time I was there.

Hazel nuts
Hawthorn haws

The poor old Redcurrant/Gooseberry bush (not a Hawthorn!) is looking a bit sorry for itself as someone decided that the hedge/verge needed to be cut back. Sadly the Redcurrant/Gooseberry bush has ended up hacked to bits. There are still a couple of fruits left but it’s not a pretty sight. We have rebelled against this early cutting and the edge of our grass bank outside is all tall grass where we’ve left the edge to grow. I wish I had some native hedgerow in the garden instead of the horrible Leylandii hedge that I’m stuck with. Anyway, moving on …

Near the pond some new flowers have emerged – Scabious and Mallow:


The Mallow is hard to photograph because its so delicate and its difficult to capture that. I’m intrigued by their stigmas and stamens … it brings out the dormant biologist in me 🙂

We spotted a Meadow Brown Butterfly but it was being exceedingly awkward and refused to let me take a decent photo. I had to make do with this one where you can barely distinguish it from the wood chip!

Meadow Brown Butterfly

Time is definitely moving fast as it doesn’t seem long since all was bare and we were waiting for leaves to appear. Now it’s already time for Goatsbeard seed heads and the ferns are growing their spores. Must be something to do with getting old – years move faster when you age I think.

Fern spores

And finally, I was looking at the Honeysuckle on the way back and wondering why it seems so late flowering. This was one of the very few which is even attempting to open. The rest of the buds are either still closed or some seem to have shrivelled and died before even opening. Strange.


And now I must stop rambling on and go to bed. I’m tired out. Is it only Monday!?!


2 thoughts on “Summer Sunday Stroll

  1. Some wonderful jewels of nature there, Suzy 🙂 The Dog Roses are still lovely. The Meadow Brown looks very well camouflaged against the wood chips! Shame about the currant/gooseberry bush – hacked hedges really jar with me too!


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