Weekend Pottering

The weather is beautiful at the moment, staying mostly sunny and warm. It is hazy and cloudy at times but mostly dry and very nice. One might almost say it is too hot at times (but that is just because I am a pale feeble person who doesn’t deal well with heat!). It has been nice for photography so I’ve gathered a few pictures for you from the last few days.

The wildflowers needed watering and while there were still droplets on them, I got this shot of one of the newly emerged Cornflowers:

Slightly damp Cornflower

We have let nature take its course in some (many) areas of the garden and there are a lot of Herb Robert flowers everywhere. I was trying to get a nice shot focused on a flower with the background all blurred.

The garden is a-glow with Herb Roberts

The Buddleia is working its way towards flowering which is exciting! When it does come into flower, there will be loads of butterflies all around 🙂

Buddleia flowers on their way

Also in the garden the small Hebe is flowering. I haven’t seen a huge amount of insects around it, but when the bigger one flowers, usually there are loads of bees, so I look forward to that. It’s getting ready to flower quite soon I think.

Small Hebe flowers
Big Hebe getting ready to flower

Leaving the garden for a stroll I noticed this new little plant which I have just spent ages trying to identify! I finally figured out that it’s called Eye Bright.

Eye Bright (Euphrasia officinalis)

Looking in the hedgerows, I noticed that the fruits of autumn are already on their way. There were sloes developing on the Blackthorn, and haws developing on the Hawthorn, and it looks like there will be plenty of food come autumn.

Blackthorn sloes
Hawthorn haws

The Dog Roses are looking lovely now – loads of flowers are out brightening the hedgerow beautifully.

Dog Rose
A collection of Dog Roses

There are also many bramble flowers about, which is pleasing the insects.

Bramble flower

The fruit on the Redcurrant bush (that I thought was Hawthorn!) is getting fatter but it’s still green. The apples near the village pond are getting fat too.

One fat redcurrant which isn’t red (yet)
Apples geting bigger – but not really much of a mouthful yet

The Dock plants are now all busily in flower, and if you look closely you’ll find Dock Leaf Beetle larvae wandering about on them. I haven’t got a decent shot, sadly, so just a picture of the flowers/seeds instead.

Dock flowers/seeds

I saw this flower growing, but don’t know what it will be. Any ideas? It’s hard to identify a plant before it flowers!

Unidentified plant

At the village pond I managed to spot a Grasshopper. There don’t seem to be many about yet, but I think as time goes on we’ll hear their chirruping all around again. This is not the best shot but the only one I got before he hopped away!

Grasshopper staying still briefly

Back in the garden there are some new things flowering – the Alchemilla with it’s funny green flowers, and also a Willowherb. At first I though it was a Rose Bay Willowherb, but it’s not. I do think it is some kind of Willowherb though.

Alchemilla flowers

Hidden away in one Buddleia are loads of snails. Not sure what they like about it, but if you peek in there are lots in all different nooks and crannies. The other Buddleia seems to be home to many Shield Bugs, who are mating still!

Hidden snail
Shield bugs, still mating

Also in the Buddleia I noticed a caterpillar high up above my head. Not sure what type it is, but I’m thinking Butterfly not Moth.

Some kind of Butterfly caterpillar I think

And finally, how about another photo of our frog (or one of them anyway!). This one popped out and then pulled itself up on the side, showing its tiny little fingers.

Mr (or Ms) Frog, relaxing on the edge of our pond

2 thoughts on “Weekend Pottering

  1. Lovely images, Suzy 🙂 I love the mass of Dog Roses scrambling everywhere. I think your mystery plant is Hedge Woundwort (Stachys sylvatica) – it has a very distinctive smell! Good to see the promise of a bumper Autumn harvest already too 🙂


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