First week of June

Sorry I haven’t blogged sooner – it’s been a busy week! I haven’t got out much due to work and weather but we did manage a little walk at Cors Caron on Thursday, and went for a short walk round the village yesterday while the sun shone.

The most exciting thing we saw on either of these walks were lizards! For those of you not in the UK, you may see lizards regularly, but over here they’re not the most common of sights, so they make us excited! Along the boardwalk at Cors Caron (a marshy bog-land nature reserve) there were lots of Common Lizards basking on the warm wood of the fence.

This one was spooked by us passing but then peered over the fence curiously at us 🙂
This one posed beautifully in the sunlight 🙂

Also at Cors Caron were many different Damselflies. I spent ages trying to identify them, but I’m not entirely sure. I think the blue ones are Azures, rather than Common Blues, from looking at their markings. The females are even harder to decide. Anyway – enjoy how they look even if I’m not sure what they are!

Not sure about this one!
Large Red Damselfly
Common Blue Damselfly female
Azure Damselfly male (I think!)

As well as the Damselflies there were several Dragonflies about but mostly I only saw them passing in a flurry of wings. They fly in a different way to the Damsels, all helicopter-like. But this one stayed still for a moment so I could get a photo:

Four-spotted Chaser Dragonfly

On a more floral note, I saw that the thistles were flowering, much to the delight of the bees. Also loads of yellow Flag Irises were out looking very bright, and many Heath Spotted Orchids (less showy) were dotted about.

Bee on thistle (at least I think it was a thistle)
Yellow Flag Irises
Heath Spotted Orchid

Back at home yesterday morning, I slipped out between showers to get some raindrop photos. Here’s one on a plant in my garden – I’m not sure what the plant is though! Pretty thing whatever it is!

Raindrop reflections (or is it refractions?)

Later the weather got better and we went for our little walk. Some of the Honeysuckle is out now, but a lot of it looks like this one – nearly there:

Honeysuckle not quite there yet

A highlight of our walk was spotting this beetle which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. It turns out to be a Garden Chafer. I love how hairy she is! (I think she’s a she because her antennae are small rather than big and feathery)

Garden Chafer Beetle

There was a big Potentilla bush near the pond looking lovely and yellow. It seemed quite popular with insect. The sky was clouding over at this point which made photography quite tricky. We already had the wind to deal with, but when the sun kept coming and going it got really difficult with settings needing to be changed all the time. I was lucky to get this flower in focus really!


And finally for today, another lovely Dog Rose flower. I’ve posted a few already but they’re so pretty and I was pleased with the focus on this one, on the sprinkling of stamens.

Dog Rose

That’s enough for now. It seems that spring is moving on to summer pretty soon, despite the stormy weather we’ve been having. It will be nice to see more flowers and insects appearing 🙂


3 thoughts on “First week of June

  1. Wonderful to see the lizards – we see all kinds of newts but not lizards near us. We were watching dragonflies and damselflies recently too … I was excited to ID my first ever Broad-bodied Chaser at a pond in our local woods too (thanks to your very clear photos from a few weeks ago 🙂 ). I decided to log it with the British Dragonfly Society as I thought it might be worth them checking it out for their records.
    … can’t have too many Dog Roses, they’re lovely aren’t they 🙂


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