A New Garden Visitor!

Yesterday after work, the sun had come out after a miserable day, so I stepped out into the back garden to see what I could see … I was just talking to Bruce about the Shield Bugs on the Buddleia when I suddenly saw a Dragonfly! She was sat calmly on the other Buddleia and allowed me to get many shots! Today I was having another potter, and surprise surprise she was there again near to where she was yesterday! Perhaps we have a new resident!

Anyway, on with some photos of this beautiful female Broad-Bodied Chaser 🙂

Ms Dragonfly, yesterday
Ms Dragonfly, yesterday, close up (without flash)
Ms Dragonfly, yesterday, close up (with flash)
Ms Dragonfly, today, visiting one of the Aquilegia flowers

14 thoughts on “A New Garden Visitor!

    1. Hi Walter, I know you know way more about dragonflies than me, but are you sure? When we were identifying it we searched and found the markings match perfectly to descriptions of Broad-Bodied Chaser females. The males look quite different. The only thing I can think is could it be a young one which hasn’t yet developed the male colouring? We used these websites to identify: http://www.british-dragonflies.org.uk/species/broad-bodied-chaser and http://www.uksafari.com/broadbodiedchaser.htm


    2. Hi again – just been googling and I’ve seen lots of images of juvenile males that look just like ours. I hadn’t thought of the colours changing like that! Thanks for helping me learn loads 😀


      1. I’m pleased to see you did a little digging in order to answer your question, Suzy. Males and females of many species of dragonflies look similar when they are immature; as males mature, they develop coloration that is different than females. I know nothing about dragonflies where you live, but one look at the terminal appendages on the dragonfly you photo’d and was sure it’s a male. I’m looking forward to see more photos of dragons in your garden. Who knows? In a week-or-so, you may see the same dragon with a new look! (The color change typically occurs in one- to two weeks.)


    1. Ah I just said that maybe it could be a young one in reply to Walter – thanks – maybe that’s why it look exactly like a female … will have to keep watching if he/she keeps returning to that spot and see if the colour changes.


      1. Hi “entomacrographic.” I looked at the photo in the link you provided. The dragon is definitely a female, as indicated by its terminal appendages. Beautiful photo, nonetheless!


      2. Thanks. I think you are right Walter. Previously the females I’d seen were much, much darker – they obviously darken with age. I see what you mean about the difference in the terminal appendages. Thank you for the correction.


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