The return of sunshine

The weather has settled down at last in my corner of Wales! I hope it stays that way. Yesterday evening was when it calmed and I was able to do a bit of time-lapse of the pretty sky at sunset. It was too late in the day to go out for a walk though.

Today dawned bright and sunny, though cold, and I wrapped up warm and headed out at last. It was lovely to get out 🙂

There were a lot of catkins like last time:

The daffodils have grown quite a bit – none of them are flowering in the village yet. The one I saw the other day was on the way to work. I don’t think some of them are far off though.

Some of the snowdrops are starting to look a little tatty but there are still lots of lovely ones around.

I was a little disappointed at first with the crocuses as they don’t look much further along than when I last looked, although I suppose they have fattened up a bit since then. Sadly there were a couple that looked like they died before having a chance to properly open, and something had nibbled at them.

But then down the hill I spotted two golden crocuses that had opened and I was delighted to see them 🙂

Finally on the way back into the house I got this shot of the Willow catkin buds bursting open – there’s quite a lot of them now.


I don’t get much chance for bird photos while I’m out as they’re so skittish and I’m using my macro lens. I did catch a couple of birds this time, although I don’t think they’re great shots. A robin and a magpie – there were lots of birds around making lots of noise but these are the only ones I managed to capture.

I really hope that the weather can stay dry and calm for a few days at least so that some of the flooding round the country has a chance to go down. Despite getting that awful wind in the week, we have been fairly lucky here really, with no major flooding. Some parts up the coast a little way have had a bad time with the power being off for a long time since the severe wind on Wednesday. I’m not sure if it’s back on yet. Our power went off during Wednesday night (not sure when) and was off until the following early afternoon. We now have a camping stove and kettle in case it happens again! Some parts of the UK have been underwater for days if not weeks – it must be so difficult to cope with that for so long .


One thought on “The return of sunshine

  1. It is wonderful and heartening to see your beautiful photographs Suzy … and good that your weather improved at last too! We have seen some promises that Spring is not too far off in our area over this last weekend. Though we’ve not as many flowers as you yet, I was pleased to see the Winter Aconites almost in bloom in our local woodland – for me that is always a hopeful sign.


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