New Butterflies!

It’s been a week since I’ve had a chance to taken any new photos, so today I strolled out into the garden to see what there was out there … and I had a great surprise! In addition to the regular butterflies (Peacock, Red Admiral, Tortoiseshell, Large White, Green-Veined White & Small Copper) there were 2 new visitors that I’d never seen in the garden before! I was very excited and set to work trying to get some good shots. Maybe I should video the action on the Buddleia one of these days as you just see individual photos of butterflies. What is really going on out there is amazing: there are butterflies everywhere, drinking nectar on nearly every flower spike of and there’s constant fluttering of butterflies moving around all around you!

Anyway, the new visitors! I bring you the Painted Lady and the Comma …

Painted Lady Butterfly

Comma Butterfly

The last time I saw a Comma Butterfly was my first time … and it was hidden away in my parents’ greenhouse back at Christmas time – it looked like a dead leaf. I’d never actually seen (for real) what the top of its wings looked like until today. It really is a lovely little butterfly.


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