The Friendly Grasshopper

The title I’ve given this post amuses me as it sounds like the title of a children’s book! I feel like I should write a story now! Anyway this is the grasshopper I mentioned yesterday – we could hear grasshoppers all around so were looking to find any near enough to photograph. We followed the sound of one that seemed close and found this one down by the edge of the path. I was trying to get a good shot but there was too much grass/reeds in the way. As I tried to gently move some out of the way to get a shot, he decided he rather liked the look of my nearby hand and climbed on! He stayed there for quite some time posing for shots which was lovely 🙂 I think he was a Common Green Grasshopper.

In this shot he seems to be having a good look at my ring 🙂

This is another grasshopper I spotted on the path, and though at first I thought he was just the same, I think now that it’s a different species – the Meadow Grasshopper.


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