Surprise Insect

I’m interrupting the roses to bring you a weird little bug. I was taking photos of the catkins on the pussy willow and when editing them on the computer I noticed a little bug next to one of them. So I went back out and had a closer look and got a few shots of it. Then followed a lot of googling and searching trying to work out what it was … and the conclusion is that its a Cacopsylla brunneipennis, which sadly doesn’t have a common name. It is from a group of insects called Psyllidae apparently and those are commonly called Jumping Plant Lice … so maybe I’ll call it that. Anyway I found it really interesting, first of all just noticing it there, then getting some good shots and working out what it was 🙂

Willow catkin, taken before I noticed the bug tucked in next to it
Weird little bug (Cacopsylla brunneipennis) tucked in next to the catkin
And again from a slightly different angle

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