My local town, Aberystwyth, has a quite special war memorial. It was built after the First World War. Before I came to live in Aberystwyth back in the early 90s I’d never seen such an elaborate and beautiful war memorial.

This is a view of the sea front from the harbour – you can see the war memorial near the centre of the photo – this just gives you an idea of its size and how noticeable it is in the town skyline:

This shot shows the full memorial from what I would consider to be the back, looking toward the sea. The angel figure on the top is said to represent victory:

This is on the other side of the memorial – this beautiful lady is said to represent humanity emerging from the effects of war – she looks out to sea with a thoughtful look in her face, and I imagine her remembering those who died and hoping for it not to happen again:

Finally another shot of the lady from her other side:


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