Camouflaged Butterfly

This butterfly is happily hibernating in my parents’ greenhouse. When dad pointed it out to me I was really surprised – if you don’t look closely you’d be sure if was an old dead leaf that just somehow got caught there. On closer inspection you notice its legs and realise it actually is a butterfly. I googled it and discovered it is a Comma Butterfly which is actually quite pretty if you get to see the top-side of its wings. At this time of year I guess it’s a great advantage to be so well camouflaged, to make it safely through the cold weather without getting eaten.

Comma Butterfly on the wooden frame of a window in the greenhouse
Close up showing its head and eye (not the greatest shot but the best I could do)

5 thoughts on “Camouflaged Butterfly

  1. Interesting… i love butterfly’s, nice picture, maybe you should continue with pictures of this insect in all stadies, i mean after hibernation too.
    Keep up the great work on this blog! Emilia


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