Horse Love

This is a photo I snapped on my iPhone to put on Instagram this morning while taking my daughter riding. This horse is called George and he’s old and gentle and very friendly. My daughter loves him and was giving him a cuddle. This really sums her up – she just LOVES horses! It’s not…


Dusted Bee

This little bee was having a lovely time in this dandelion, getting liberally covered in pollen. I was glad to share his joy.


Honey Bee

This photo was taken a couple of weeks back when we had a lovely warm sunny weekend. Many insects emerged to enjoy the lovely day and it was brilliant to see so many bees around. This is my favourite photo from 9th March. The weather then turned colder and I have barely seen a bee…


Helpful Kite

This Red Kite appeared to want to have its photo taken on Sunday. I was just back from a walk, standing in the garden looking at the Willow catkins when I heard it calling. I looked up to see, and it came swooping over me, did three circles over my head, and flew away with…


Bumbling About

This photo was taken just over a week ago when we had a beautifully sunny weekend. It was lovely and warm and lots of insects emerged to enjoy the sunshine. This last weekend was much colder and barely an insect was seen. I love how much pollen this bee has got on itself :)