Garden Tour

I thought I’d show you the pond today. I mentioned when replying to a comment that I really should show you how the pond is going. It looks alot more natural now.

Here’s the pond with our garden chairs where we sit and watch the pondskaters and hope to catch sight of frogs:

And here’s me in my usual position sat looking at it:

Looking from the other side, with the last of the Ragwort:

Another view of the pond where you can see the pond plants (Frogbits and Water Soldiers):

And on the other side of the house, where the Beech tree is starting to change colour – it’s definitely autumnal here:

The sun came sparkling through the tree while I was taking photos, so of course I took a photo of it!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

As usual when thinking about a photo challenge my thoughts turn to small things, and I remembered seeing a butterfly looking all tattered and frayed at the edges. It’s a Ringlet butterfly and it doesn’t let a slightly tattered wing stop it. It was just taking a brief break before carrying on with its busy day :)

Inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge on the WordPress Daily Post blog.